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Covert Surveillance


Today almost everyone should have surveillance cameras. It can be nerve wrecking leaving your child with people even if they are a hired professional, close friend or relative. In most families both parents must work to earn a living and their children are often vulnerable to nannies. Many of these covert cameras are used by parents or people whom want to monitor their nannies, babysitters or elders. Nanny cameras comes in all shapes and sizes and is hidden in many items such as plants, ac adapters, clocks, coffee pots, DVR speakers, humidifiers, tissue boxes and the lists go on. If you suspect abuse, there is no better way to obtain the video surveillance you need to bring a nanny or babysitter to justice than a Nanny cam. These covert cameras will record your nanny or hired help discreetly without them knowing. Through Surveillance 4 America you can lease one of our covert cameras and you will never have to worry again about leaving your child or elder in someone else’s care.


As elder abuse has been on the rise, these hidden cameras can also be beneficial to monitor an elderly family member or friend in a nursing home or receiving home care. Protect those who can’t protect themselves with a covert camera / elder cam from S4A. These cameras can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.